Konnichi-wa bitches!

and welcome! Are you in for some nonsense, fun and culture shock? Keep on reading. This site is a collection of what I think is cool and worthwhile. To make sure you realise what you can expect, here's some lesbian appetizer that says it all:

(better quality video here ).
Why didn't I just start a blog? Well, because I don't want to do what everyone else does, and because I want to learn Drupal. So this site is really an experiment, a test case for website CMS design. And an informative piece of art! I rented some hosting space from the Syabas guys, and there you go. That also means this site will always be under construction, and may change drastically without notification.
A lot of the things I publish is what I thought was worthwhile when I found it. So I did not invent it, create it nor write it. But I will indicate the owner and guide you there. A lot of contents is from/about/related to Japan. Why? Because I like that country. Despite there's a lot to say about it and its residents. But that goes for anywhere, desu yo.
(*)Title credits to the Green-Eyed Geisha, as she started her blog the same way :)